SINGA Stories: A writing workshop with Dina Nayeri


A new series of writing workshops for newcomers and other community-members looking to explore their shared experiences through fiction, led by the novelist and essayist Dina Nayeri.  

Join us for SINGA's next outing at the beautiful Libreria bookshop in East London, as we read and discuss stories together, learn the craft of fiction through a modified workshop method, and contribute to each other’s understanding of what it means to live in the West, and in the modern world.

Through this workshop, participants will engage with existing literature through simple reflective questions like: what do these texts say about what it means to be British or American? How do these experiences relate to your own? How do the people in these texts deal with homesickness, homecoming and the impossibility of return? 

These sessions are offered free in collaboration with Second Home's Libreria Language Labs, but places are limited and you must register in advance. Unfortunately we cannot admit you unless we have confirmed your attendance!


Future workshop dates for your diary*: 

  • Mon 14 May
  • Mon 4 June
  • Mon 9 July

*(same time & place)


Teacher Biography:

Dina Nayeri escaped from Iran at 8 years-old. After two years as a refugee, her family settled in Oklahoma. Obsessed with the American dream, she went on to attend Princeton and Harvard and is now an internationally acclaimed writer of fiction and nonfiction. Her works explore the experience of immigration and exile in the western world. Her writing has appeared in The Guardian, New York Times and New York Times Magazine, New Yorker, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, and has been translated to fourteen languages. She has taught writing at several universities, including in the famed Iowa Writers Workshop where she earned her MFA. She is the author of The Guardian Long Read “The Ungrateful Refugee” and a fellow newcomer to London.

April 09, 2018 at 12:45pm - 2:30pm
Libreria Bookshop (East London)

Will you come?