Support Us

SINGA not only relies on volunteers donating their time and amazing energy, it also depends on the enthusiasm of our supporters to help to raise awareness, donate resources (such as equipment, materials or spaces), and generate funds with their brilliant and fun ideas which go directly towards our community work.

There are many ways you can help the SINGAness to flourish...


Fundraise for SINGA UK 

Hold awareness and fundraising events in your community.

Bake sale -- What would be the perfect cake to express the SINGA spirit? How about making a day of it and meeting some new friends at the same time - get neighbours or colleagues together and bake your way to SINGA stardom?

Run SINGA Run -- There are so many running events out there and we know they're hard work - why not get your friends together for a SINGA event as part of your fundraising effort and let them experience SINGA first hand, and see why it's worth their support too. We can help!

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of SINGA -- Get friends and family together and make your own hike for SINGA. Why not make a day of it! 

Get on your bike -- Keeping fit, fresh air AND raising money for a good cause. Why not cycle somewhere new and get a few friends, work colleagues or SINGA buddies together and set yourselves a new challenge..?

"SING" for SINGA -- Did someone say Karaoke? Yes, Yes we did. A good singing competition with friends, with food of course, sounds like a fabulous night. Maybe place a bet on your favourite diva or divo...

Come Dine with SINGA -- There's nothing SINGA likes more than food and especially connecting over food, so why not organise a Come Dine with Me SINGA-style and be inspired by foods from new and different places. Set up a series of dinners with a healthy mix of SINGA members, friends, neighbours and/or colleagues and ask everyone to bring a dish inspired by their favourite recipes from home. Learn about delicious food and the stories that go with them! Use the occasion to raise awareness and support for the SINGA cause.

Work it GOOD -- Inspire your colleagues with the SINGA spirit - put up a poster in the staff room, put a few donation boxes artistically around the place, organise a work event in aid of SINGA (pub quiz, anyone?), or go completely SINGA and become a SINGA Maker in your own workplace: create a club or society around your own passions - you'll be surprised who might love the same thing and who knows where it might lead. An inter-work sports league, a SINGA-Maker-off ... you can see where we're going with this.

Inspired? Let us know what exciting plans you have lined up, or if you want to help but don't quite know where to start perhaps consider joining our fundraising committee. Just drop us a line and we'll make it happen --> [email protected] 


Donate funds 

Whether you have only a few £'s a month to give, or are able to offer more - donations are the lifeblood of our work and all monies received will go directly towards building our capacity and help us take SINGA to more places around London and the UK. 

SINGA UK is in the process of obtaining charitable status, and will be in a position to accept donations soon. If you're interested in contributing funds please get in contact and we'll be back in touch as soon as we're ready to go. 


Donate space, equipment or resources 

Do you have space, equipment or other resource that could support a SINGA activity or event?

If you have a space or venue -- We are always on the lookout for new spaces to host a range of different activities - anything suitable for sports, workshops, team meetings, intimate gatherings, networking and social events. 

If you can donate any equipment or materials -- Our events and activities are put together by volunteer "SINGA Makers" from across the community and can involve anything from sports and exercise through to playing or learning music, languages, food, arts & craft-making, exploring cities... the possibilities are many.

If you've got something to offer but not sure if we can use it, get in touch anyway! You might be (pleasantly) surprised...

If you can help with the above, would like to join our fundraising committee or have some ideas of your own, we'd love to hear from you --> [email protected]