Calling all volunteers - SINGA UK needs you!

SINGA is a place where anyone can create new activities, projects and meet-ups, or support others to help make them a reality - sometimes both! Whether it's sports or music, arts, languages, food, craft-making, exploring cities or the countryside, or something else that you love, there are endless activity and project ideas which SINGA’s collective community can help make happen. 

SINGA is now in seven countries so as you might imagine, the activities and projects that each community has created so far vary in all kinds of fascinating ways. We're lucky to have a rich resource of experiences and know-how to draw from and use these as a jumping off point to inspire fresh ideas with a more local (or maybe global?) twist. 

Seeking the keen of Hackney and Tower Hamlets

There are two main ways to get involved, either as part of our broader support & volunteer network or as part of our core team, with a handful of key voluntary positions open from today. 

For example in our recent announcement we talked about our first Living Room on Saturday 7th April. We'd to see Living Room gatherings happen regularly around our new Chapter and are therefore seeking Living Room Team Leaders to help support hosts and make sure all our events run super smoothly.

Maybe you'd like to be a Living Room host? There are all kinds of different ways you could make use of your space - from watching a movie or cooking together, from playing board games to craft-making or playing music, there any number of combinations and new ideas possible!

Living Rooms are a super relaxed and easy way for people to make new friends and share their different cultures and ideas. If you're interested in being a host (and you live in Hackney or Tower Hamlets) please get in touch.

We are also working hard to bring SINGA's Blabla language cafe to the area in April and will have an announcement about this soon. If you'd like to be involved inthen there's an opportunity to join as a Blabla Language Café Team Leader

What about becoming a SINGA Maker - if you have a passion, talent or idea that you want to turn into a new project, regular meet-up or some other activity, then we can help develop your idea, connect you to other partners and join you with others in the community who care about the same things as you. 

Or perhaps you'd love to support our SINGA Makers and help make their idea a reality - there's a chance to do that as a Project Co-ordinator, or you could play a greater role with our volunteer recruitment and consider getting involved as a Volunteer Co-ordinator. We also have opportunities to play a key role as a Chapter Lead for Hackney and Tower Hamlets, acting as a central link between locals, community leaders and organisations. Or you can be part of our Fundraising team and help us build capacity and drum up support for SINGA across the community.

If you head to our "Get Involved" page you'll see the full range of possibilities available now.

Volunteer (picture by David Monteith-Hodge)

At everything we do we will need the energy and dedication of SINGA Volunteers to help us run our events, tell others about our work and co-ordinate our activities. Volunteering for SINGA can be a richly rewarding experience and offers a chance to connect with new people, learn new skills, and develop a broader perspective through the stories of the wider community.

Interested? Sign up here and let us know how you’ll be able to help.

A SINGA available to all 

All of our community activities will be offered free of charge and aim to be as accessible as possible to all. We are exploring a 'pay what you can' type model in the coming months so that those who can contribute to running costs can make it possible for those in more difficult financial circumstances to attend. 

Therefore, you can also help SINGA grow and increase its impact by becoming a Singa Supporter donating funds or resources in-kind (for example equipment, or activity spaces), or by organising your own fundraiser. 

In short, take a look at the many ways to support and get involved, and if you're not sure where to begin you can start by letting us know more about you, or simply turn up


With thanks to David Monteith-Hodge for his gorgeous pics throughout.